Alethea Austin Floorwork DVD


Μόνο 1 απομένουν σε απόθεμα

Floorwork 58 Min – DVD – NTSC FORMAT

Floorwork is home to some of the most racy and eye-catching moments in Pole Dance and is where Alethea Austin unleashes her sexiest moves and showcases her signature style. These instructional DVDs will guide you through Alethea’s favorite moves and transitions on the floor designed to help both beginner and advanced dancers develop fluidity and raw sensuality in their movement. From shoe slides to the overshoulder split, this DVD demonstrates how to lift off the floor with Alethea’s style. Whatever your pole aspirations are, this Floorwork program will help you gain body awareness, core strength, and controlled fluidity that will translate throughout your Pole Dance style.

Alethea Austin

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