Boomkats Knee Pads: Black Lace

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Why choose Boomkats Knee Pads: Black Lace?

If you are suffering from bruising or soreness in your knees after your training, pole dance knee pads are a must! Avoid pain and injuries with our new durable, cushioned pads with interchangeable sleeves that keep them looking fresh and trendy.

The structure of the pad is designed as a beehive, so it mimics the natural shape of the knee joint and covers more than just your knee cap – your ligaments and upper part of the tibia are now protected too! Plus they promote the comfortable feeling of stabilization of the joint. Their great fit means they stay in place for your entire training – it means no more interruptions to your flow.

You can use them in your floor work and on the pole as the fronts are padded and the backs are grippy from a silicone-based apreture. The pull-on design covers your entire knee and gives you a slim fit, so you can protect your knees without the bulkiness.

Pick your favorite design now!

Why you will love Boomkats Knee Pads

  • padded beehive structure protects your knees
  • interchangeable printed knee sleeve
  • will stay in place
  • silicone area on the back for perfect grip
  • It’s washable!
  • unique graphics
  • lightweight

Fabric: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex/Elastane

Care: Machine wash cold (30C or 85F). Wash with similar colors. For the best results, wash knee sleeves only and hang to dry.

Size Chart

For best fit please measure:

Above the knees:

Wrap the tape measure around and above the knee where the lower thigh meets the knee. Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor.

After measuring use the size chart below. If you are in-between sizes choose the size you normally wear but do have in mind that the fabric is very stretchy.


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small

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