X-Pole X-Joints

X-Pole X-Joints

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X-Joint Technology

The X-Joint™ System, which joins the X-POLE tubes together, is a unique and exclusive feature of the latest generation X-POLE - SPORT™ and XPERT™ & X-STAGE. This revolutionary joint makes installation extremely quick and easy whilst increasing pole rigidity and reducing flex. Developed by X-POLE, X-Joints are an exclusive worldwide X-POLE design feature. No other pole in the world has this latest joint technology.

Please Note:
100 and 125mm Extensions are used with a 180mm X-Joints only.
Important: For 40mm poles above 3050mm (120\" 10ft) please contact the sales office for advice.
100mm (4") Extension used to expand the overall length of an X-POLE. The 100mm extension can only be used with Sport Poles (Type NS) and not with Xpert (Type NX). This extension can also only be used with the X-Joint.

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