Static Extended Trapeze
Static Extended Trapeze
Static Extended Trapeze
Static Extended Trapeze
Static Extended Trapeze

Static Extended Trapeze

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These professional static trapezes have 90cm bars that extend past the ropes. Strong enough for two person trapeze work.

The extended, 90cm wide, bars on these trapezes overhang the ropes by 14cm each side giving you an extra space to work with. The bar space between the ropes measures 58.5cm.

The trapeze bar and anchors are made from high grade stainless steel and are meticulously welded together with no splatter or sharp edges. The soft four-strand white cotton ropes are spliced five times exceeding all safety requirements and finished off with white whipping for durability. All the trims are colour matched in white for a striking result.

The cotton ropes are professionally fitted with a flexible, UK-made, CE-marked, internal steel core rated and certified at a working load limit of 423kg for ultimate strength. This is much stronger than rope made from cotton alone. The steel cables are factory assembled and sealed meaning that they require virtually no maintenance.

Not only are the steel cables much stronger than cotton but their strength is more predictable thanks to their electronically measured ferrule sealing which ensures incredibly uniform breaking loads. Cotton's breaking load, on the other hand, can fluctuate depending on the fibre quality. Steel is also much more resistant to moisture, heat, cold and friction than cotton is.

As the ropes of these trapezes no longer play a structural role they can be made from a softer blend than many other trapezes on the market, making them a bit kinder on your hands. The finish is extremely neat and tidy making for a trapeze that not only does the job but looks beautiful at the same time.

Supplied with two high grade steel carabiners.
Working Load Limit: 250kg

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