Long Loop Aerial Straps - Black
Long Loop Aerial Straps - Black
Long Loop Aerial Straps - Black
Long Loop Aerial Straps - Black

Long Loop Aerial Straps - Black

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Super-strong aerial straps with extra-long loops at the ends, opening up a world of new moves!

A new approach to aerial straps, allowing you get your whole body into each loop, opening up whole new moves previously not possible!

Extra long loops

Long Loop straps are perfect for whole-body moves and for the more flexible amongst you to bend yourself around in. With a 120cm long loop at the end, it should fit around any part of your body, allowing for wraps and hangs that can be combined with more traditional straps moves for a truly spectacular performance.

As these loops easily fit a person in each, long loops straps are also ideally suited to doubles acts. When rigged with swivels in a wide rigging plate, rotating doubles displays can dazzle any audience.

Aerial straps reimagined

Made from the same super strong black webbing as our standard aerial straps they retain the high Breaking load of 22kN and striking orange stitching as the original.

The super strong double overlock stitching is done using bright orange thread to provide contrast against the smooth black finish and to make the inspection of these aerial straps easier.

At the top rigging point of the strap, there is a smaller stitched loop, each with a provided triangular delta quicklink, allowing easy attachment into your rigging plate directly, or if you want, into one of our aerial straps swivel rigging sets.

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