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Get your hands working to your advantage. Imagine if you could hang on to something using much less effort yet having much more control. It starts working in a minute and only gets better as you dance, giving you total absolute control. The way it works is simple. Instead of having to squeeze tight on your pole to maintain control, the surface area of your hand changes the surface tension between your palm and your pole permitting you to relax your hands and continue to be in total control. 

  • Introducing The iTac2 Stick It Extra Strength Roll-On Stick 12g
  • Same amazing formula but now in a new no mess and easy to apply roll-on stick.
  • Apply on your Hands and Body.
  • Minimize injuries due to slipping/sliding by giving you a water-repellent surface
  • iTac2 Extra Strength (Level 4) Pole Dance Grip is the strongest level grip offered by iTac2
  • Great portable new packaging allowing you to put in your bag, purse or pocket when you are on the go.

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