ISC KH407 Pear-Shaped Large Carabiner

ISC KH407 Pear-Shaped Large Carabiner

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A large steel carabiner with a wide gate opening suitable for rigging our 3 ply aerial ropes.

The ISC KH407 Pear-Shaped Carabiner (also known as a scaffold hook) is a large, strong steel carabiner with a wide gate opening. This makes it ideal for attaching to big anchor points.

Because of its large gate opening we recommend these for use with our 3 ply free ropes as they fit the steel eyes on the ropes. The fgate closes with a two-way twist locking mechanism.

It also comes supplied with a captive pin to keep cables, chain or other rigging kit collected at one end. This has more use when the carabiner is used as a scaffold hook than when rigging aerial circus equipment but it might come in handy.

This carabiner measures 235mm x 135mm and weighs 678g.

This zinc plated steel carabiner has been tested up to 35kN. See the specs tab for full technical details.

Complies with EN 362 and is CE certified.




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