Auto-Locking Oval Carabiner
Auto-Locking Oval Carabiner

Auto-Locking Oval Carabiner

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A strong steel auto-locking carabiner at a great price. Suitable for aerial rigging. We recommend you "mouse" this carabiner.

BLL: 25kN

The oval steel carabiner has a twist-locking gate and is a very popular, great value and versatile carabiner that gives you a 15mm gate opening. The twist lock locks automatically as soon as you release the gate, is very secure but is not a bother to open again.

Due to the simple twist-lock mechanism of the gate care should be taken to ensure that nothing comes into contact with the gate when in use. So it's not recommended for use connecting an aerial hoop to a rope or harness work. We suggest you "mouse" the gate by wrapping electrical tape around the gate and the body to help ensure that the gate does not open during use.

Excellent quality and perfect to hang hoop with a strop.

This carabiner measures 105mm x 57mm x 17mm and weighs 188g. It's been tested up to 25kN. 

Complies with EN 362 and is CE certified.



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