Aerial SIlks - Hot Pink
Aerial SIlks - Hot Pink
Aerial SIlks - Hot Pink

Aerial SIlks - Hot Pink

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A professional (medium stretch) Aerial Silk made in the UK. Available in various lengths. 

Please note the size listed is the total length of the silk. As aerial silks are rigged from the center the working length is a little under half the total length. Choose a length of silk that is double the height of the area/rig you are using plus 2 meters. The most popular length is 16m and this is about the minimum needed to perform drops as it will give you roughly 7m of silk between the anchor and floor.

These silks are high quality, professional standard and made from a durable, ladder resistant fabric. The material's non-slip textured finish provides more grip than other aerial silks but still retains a sheen under stage lights. 

These silks are also wider than many other aerial fabrics available. At 148cm wide, they create a chunky grip and are fantastic for cocoon style choreography.

Working load limit: 128kg

The fabric is 100% polyester.

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