Zero Point Aerial Hoop Black- Fully Strength Tested and Certified


Aerial hoops, also known as aerial rings or lyras, are a classic aerial circus performance props. These 0 point hoops come in a variety of sizes.


This tabless aerial hoop is made from premium grade steel with a black matt finish. The paint job on these aerial hoops is now better than ever before. It’s even more hard-wearing thanks to the epoxy resin powder coating that is baked on for a longer lasting finish.

This aerial hoop has no attachment points, or in other words is tabless. Some people like lyras without tabs for aesthetic reasons – you get a nice circle with no bits (rigging points) sticking out from it. However, most people use aerial rings with no attachment points for a combination of aesthetics and rigging reasons.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of rigging points, the extra tough powder coating we apply requires a small hole to be drilled on the inside of the hoop. This spot is covered with your permanent serial number sticker. This sticker is not to be removed, and neither the sticker or the hole are signs of damage and will not affect the hoop’s use or working load limit.

A tabless aerial hoop can be rigged like a one point or a two point hoop. This can be useful for people teaching lyra as you can just set up a 0 point hoop differently for each class rather than buying a one point and a two point aerial ring. Tabless hoops also allow you to use a horizontal configuration rather the regular vertical configuration.

Tabless lyras are generally rigged using a polyester strop choked to the top of the hoop. A small piece of friction tape under the choke and loading can help keep the strop in place. If you want to make this aerial hoop rotate you can also add a high strength swivel at the top of your assembly.

Sizing: If you are unsure which size you need, sit on a chair and measure from the seat to the top of your head, then add 10cm (eg: chair to top of head is 80cm, then you need a 90cm aerial hoop).

Please note: all sizes refer to the EXTERNAL diameter. The internal diameter is 5cm less than the external diameter.

If you’re getting an aerial hoop for a class or for shared use, a 95cm ring would be the most suitable as its the most popular size and is mid way through the range.

If you want to add some grip and colour to this hoop many people cover the metal with Mueller tape.

Aerial Hoop Weight

  • 85cm : 5.4kg
  • 90cm : 5.6kg
  • 95cm : 6.0kg
  • 100cm : 6.2kg
  • 105cm : 6.4kg

Tubing Diameter 1″ (25.4mm)

This aerial hoop is manufactured in the UK and is fully strength tested and certified. Certificates of conformity are available on request.

The max Working Load Limit is 260kg (573 lbs).


100cm, 105cm, 80cm, 85cm, 90cm, 95cm, XL



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