Chalk Magnesium Ball


CHALK BALL – 3oz. (85g) of 100% Pure Magnesium Carbonate (NO fillers, NO fluff, NO extra garbage!)

STRONG GRIP – Athletic chalk powder provides a stronger, more reliable grip for your hands

AVOID INJURY – Add support to any exercise that strains your grip, avoid unnecessary injury

PROVEN RESULTS – Chalk has stood the test of time, used by pro rock climbers and weightlifters alike

USAGE – Ideal for Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Cross Training, Gymnastics, Climbing, Tennis & Gym

Who can benefit from using a Chalk Ball?

  • Perfect both for beginners as well as experienced athletes – simply a “Must-Have” item in your gym bag
  • Useful for virtually any sport that involves grip strength: from aerial, weight lifting, to gymnastics and rock climbing
  • Especially useful for heavy deadlifts or pullups where a strong grip is essential

Not for pole dancing: Chalk and metal would decrease friction rather than increase it. For pole fitness you need a touch of moisture to increase friction on metal. Try Dry Hands or Hydro Attack.



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