Hanging Rope - Cable Reinforced - White


Super strong, safe hanging ropes in black and white and a variety of lengths.


Cable Reinforced Hanging Ropes for aerial acrobatic equipment are fully safety tested and strong enough to be used singularly and with a maximum working load limit of 400kg they can support two people.

These are ideal for hanging an aerial ring, or Lyra, from a single central hanging point that, with the use of a swivel, will allow the ring to rotate.

There are many other uses for these steel core ropes and their high WLL helps you to reduce the number of components needed to rig your equipment making things safer and easier to set up.

A nice side effect of the steel cable core supporting most of the weight is that the cotton ropes surrounding it are softer and more comfortable than many hanging ropes that don’t use make use of a cable.

Please note: cable cored ropes are susceptible to hockling or bunching over time due to the nature of their construction. This does NOT affect their strength.

The lengths are measured from eye to eye so the full length is actually 6cms longer.

Country of Manufacture: UK
Manufacturer: Firetoys Aerial
Breaking Load Limit: No
Rope Material: Steel-Cored Cotton
Diameter: 24mm
Working Load Limit: 400kg (882 lbs)

Also available in black.


0.5cm, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m



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