Portable Aerial Rig for Lyra, Silks & Aerial Yoga - Certified



The rig meets PN-EN 795 standards. Aerial Skyscraper from Flying Rose Sport is CE and PRS certified and thus meets the European Union’s legal requirements and is a high-quality product. Thus, it is the ONLY certified aerial frame in the world. The product is during TUV NORD certification and it will be the first and only Rig with a certification of independent research unit.

Fully tested and mechanical calculated!


  • It is an independent platform which means that you can use it without the need for ceiling fixtures or stabilizing equipment.
  • is suitable for aerial yoga, aerial hoop, pole, aerial silks, and any other suitable apparatus.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • the aerial frame is very easy to assemble and disassemble. For setting it up you will need 2 people and less than 10 minutes.
  • No tools are needed for setting up or dismantling the structure.
  •  The maximum working height is 5,5 meters. The width of the upper part of the frame, as well as the angle between its legs, provides maximal freedom of movements during gymnastics on the whole 5,5 meters! Please be aware of tripods which are 6+ meters high, but the working height is just about 5m – always take care of “working height”.
  • Aerial Rig may be extended in 3 height variants and adapted to your needs.


  • 2.9 meters (8 pipes) – footprint of 2,76 m x 3,39 m
  • 4,2 meters (12 pipes) – footprint of 3,86 m x 4,23 m
  • 5,5 meters (16 pipes) – footprint of 5,05 m x 5,12 m


  • 1 aluminum frame with lock 16x pins (upper frame length, pins quantity and number of legs depending on the selected height)
  • 2 brace straps for fastening the legs diagonally
  • 1 brace strap for fastening the legs circumferentially
  • 4 stainless steel feet
  • 8 tent pins


  • durable aluminum construction with fi70 pipes special grade aluminium
  • powder coated
  • assembly time: less than 10 minutes
  • 3 eligible height options: 2.9 m, 4,2 m, or 5,5 m
  • suitable for exercises inside and outside
  • in the Aerial Frame kit, you will receive: one aluminum aerial structure with lock pins, 4x feet and 3 brace straps
  • safety confirmed by endurance tests and PN-EN 795 standards
  • CE and PRS certification
  • BLL min. 16kN = 1600kg, max. 22kN = 2200kg (We are testing rigs from every production batch)
  • WLL up to 200kg

Flying Rose


2.9m, 4.2m, 5.5m

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