X-Stage Brass


The X-STAGE and X-STAGE LITE are portable pole dancing podiums that can be assembled in just a few minutes giving you the flexibility to take the stage wherever it suits you best.


The X-STAGE and X-STAGE LITE are portable pole dancing podiums that can be assembled in just a few minutes giving you the flexibility to take the stage wherever it suits you best.

A ceiling is not required for its support and his makes it ideal for outdoor training or for training in rooms where the ceiling is too high and this is the reason why people choose it for shows and performances.

The pole consists of two pieces which are joined together and are placed in the middle of a round, flat platform used for dancing. The platform is made of solid metal and its diameter exceeds 1,5m which allows freedom of movement. It is easy for one person to install and uninstall it.

While practicing with a free-standing pole, oscillation is more noticeable, however, you shouldn’t be discouraged because it is a matter of time to get used to it. Due to its complex construction, it is more expensive than others.

X-Stage Brass Advantages

  • Quick and easy to set up, can be easily transported and assembled.
  • The X-STAGE stands alone and does not need to be secured to a ceiling
  • Suitable for dancers of all levels and abilities
  • Is the most advanced pole dancing podium ever produced.
  • Can function as both a static and spinning pole
  • Features a large 1.6m (5’3″) diameter circular dance platform area with no corners or sharp edges and a 3m high dance pole.
  • Disassembly is surprisingly easy
  • Tthe contents fit neatly into a portable wheeled carry case system which comes free with every X-STAGE.

Brass Material Pros

Brass offers the best grip from the rest of the materials and therefore, it is more suitable for people with sweaty palms. With proper maintenance, brass can endure tarnish and last for many years.

Brass Material Cons

Make sure you can really make good use of this material otherwise, it is likely that you will end up with an extremely sticky pole which can be quite painful! Brass consists of a mixture of copper and zinc which makes it softer and thus, more sensitive. Also, it should be cleaned more often.

Key Features

The mainframe unit is 25k heavier than the X-Stage Lite and 100mm higher off the ground.

+ 1600mm (5’3″) circular stage floor – creating an optimum overall dance area.
+ Rounded stage edges – nothing sharp to hurt the dancer during moves or floor work.
+ Fully foldable – main frame fits into a handy case with wheels.
+ Easy stage floor assembly – 6 easy to fit floor panels lock into place effortlessly with no tools needed.
+ Pole tube – 2 pieces screw together for easy transportation.
+ Stability – extremely stable, almost any move can be done without the need for extra weight.
+ Extension stabilisers – increase stability without the need for additional weight (included).
+ Weight posts – allowing for optional bar bell weights to be attached.
+ Adjustable feet – to reduce movement on uneven floors.
+ Silicone base pads – to stop the stage from sliding and preventing the floor from damage.
+ Side skirts – wrap around magnetic side covers for a professional look.
+ Wheeled carry case – no need to carry the X STAGE just wheel it where you want to go!
+ Carry cases – for stage frame, floor panels and pole.
+ Spinning and static – You decide!

X-Stage Standard Specifications

Pole Diameter40/45/50mmX-STAGE Weight (Complete)88Kg
Stage Diameter1.6m (5’3″)Main Frame Weight38kg
Overall Height3.0m (10′)Stage Panels Weight40Kg
Stage Height320mm (8’10”)Pole Tubes Weight10Kg
Useable Pole2.68m

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Weight88 kg




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