Pole Cleaner X-Clean 200ml


When nothing else works, X-CLEAN is there to remove the most stubborn marks and residue on your pole.

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Formulated with pole care and cleaning in mind, Pole Cleaner X-CLEAN is made for X-POLE products. Cleaning thoroughly and leaving a beautiful non-slippery shine, X-CLEAN can shift even the most dried on grip residue easily.

Removes residue from grip aids, grime, or sweat. It dries really fast and leaves nothing but a clean, shiny pole.

Simply spray a small amount of the softly-scented cleaner on a towel/cotton cloth and rub it on your pole.

Why you need X-CLEAN:

  • Quickly removes unwanted grip buildup, oil and grime – saves you valuable time!
  • Fast drying and NO residue
  • Smells nice – soft orange scent
  • Excellent for floors and gym equipment too

X-CLEAN is not suitable for powder coat, brass or silicone poles.



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