Aerial Yoga Hammock – Lavender + Carabiner



Choosing a yoga hammock to the height of the room:

  • 5m aerial yoga hammock – for rooms with a height of 2-2.5m
  • 6m aerial yoga hammock – for rooms with a height of 2.5-2.9m
  • 7m aerial yoga hammock – for rooms with a height of 3-3.5m

for high rooms (over 3.5 m), we recommend buying an extension belt
Note: Hammocks that will be used by children should be longer to make it easier for them to enter the hammock.

What’s included in the kit:

1 2.5kN steel carabiner
Material tied by a carabiner (2.3m wide)

Technical information:

The static load of the hammock can be as much as 1200 kg, while the dynamic load is around 150 kg. The fabric stretches to a width of 280 cm. Hammocks – material and accessories – we produce in Poland, it is 100% polyamide.

Hammocks are tested in accordance with the standard: PN-EN ISO 13934-1: 2013-07, which ensures the highest quality and full safety.

Storage and preservation:

The material can be washed in a washing machine, before that, you need to remove all accessories (figure eight, carabiner, swivel). Wash at 30 ° C with powder, without fabric softener. For optimal storage, aerial yoga hammocks should be kept in dry places at room temperature and the material should not come into contact with rough or sharp surfaces or jewelry. We practice in clothing without zippers, Velcro, buckles and without jewelry.

There are slight discolorations on the material, which is not a product defect.

Please remember to mount the scarf safely, which should be able to withstand multiple of the weight of the exercising person: 3 times for static exercises and 12 times for dynamic exercises.


5m, 6m, 7m

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