10m Aerial Yoga Hammock - Purple


A 10m Aerial Silk designed to be hung as hammock for use in aerial yoga.

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A 10m Aerial Silk designed to be hung as hammock for use in aerial yoga.

Product Description

Aerial Yoga is a fantastic exercise discipline that has taken the world by storm, favored by modern yogis for the ability to fully invert, and the added support it grants to some more complex yoga moves, as well with all the possibilities it opens up for entirely new positions. Hailed as an amazing therapy for posture and relaxation, and having similarities to pilates and yoga trapeze aerial yoga hammocks are great for developing core strength, flexibility and decompressing the spine.

10m Long Hammocks

These longer hammocks allow you to do higher standing moves and even allow you to do aerial silk style wraps and rolls, as well as giving you more options for adjusting your hammock height.

With these professional aerial yoga hammocks, you can get flying right out of the box, our fully safety tested hammocks are tied using our specially chosen knots to a pair of stainless steel O rings, meaning you can rig them as either a 1 point or 2 point hammock.

Technical Information

The 2.8m width of these hammocks slings allows you to fully lay out flat for a full meditation session, or even get into a full horizontal split (if you’re bendy enough), and the 10m length means that you’re able to adjust the knots on these to a full variety of heights, to suit any ceiling. If you need to adjust more often though, we recommend our individual loop daisy chains.

These Aerial Yoga Hammocks have a small amount of stretch (about 10% across their length), which allows the swing to support you through your workout, and means that any moves that require a thin band of silk across the waist or under the arms are cushioned.

All  Aerial Yoga Hammocks are inspected and tested in the UK, before being packaged up and sent out to you, we have given them a WLL (working load limit) of 172kgf (379lbs).


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