Aerial Net


A super strong Aerial Net.  Available in Black or White.


Aerial Net Product Description

  • Net 40mm X 40mm
  • 2,80m x 2,80m
  • With 2 Carabiners
  • WLL of 180kg

Aerial Net 

Aerial net circus performances are a stunning mix of creativity, flexibility, and strength. They allow you to use skills from aerial chains, aerial sling, aerial yoga, cloud swing, and many other disciplines that are transformed by the uniqueness of this apparatus.

The way that aerial nets are rigged (from 2 opposing corners) means you can lie flat in splits, perform contortion work as well as perform many other hammock moves that would normally be invisible to anyone watching.

Unlike Hammocks, Aerial nets have very little stretch, making some moves harder, and others impossible. Also unlike other pieces of aerial equipment, socks or other foot coverings are beneficial to stop your toes getting caught (no shoes though).

Like Aerial Straps and Aerial Chains, aerial nets are not a forgiving piece of equipment, and the discomfort can take a while to get used to, but if you put in the work they open up a world of creative routines that many people will never have seen before.

The ability to sit in an aerial net in many interesting ways makes them perfect as a piece of events performance equipment for acts that involve pouring champagne for weddings or corporate events for example. There’s also the added bonus of being perfect for pretending to be a mermaid (or merman).



Black, White


Unicycle Voltige

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