About us

Vertical Wise, a leading international site based in Athens, Greece whose purpose is promote the pole and aerial acrobatics industry and to keep updated and entertain pole and aerial acrobats has recently created its own eShop.  Browse, shop or just be inspired by the thousands of incredible products. From poles and aerial apparatuses to grip aids, activewear and more, we’ve carefully curated our favorite items for pole, aerial and beyond. Fresh products, unique collaborations – we hope you love our shop! #VW_shop

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Vertical Wise presents VerticalWise.shop. The brand new e-shop based in Athens, Greece, with the most complete list of necessities and products for aerial and pole enthusiasts + athletes.

Vertical Wise is the only international multilingual website whose purpose is to bring together the community of Pole and Aerial Acrobat Professionals, Amateurs, Students, Studio Owners and Enthusiasts.

Its dedicated team of international professionals, who cover a range of disciplines (including but not limited to medical, legal, journalism, and the arts) transferring their passion and sharing their knowledge and experience.

The aim

The aim behind Vertical Wise is to provide a global yet central point of reference; providing training tips, information and entertainment in the field of aerial sports for all the beginners, performers, and instructors. We hope that every each of you could find the information that you are looking for, and go beyond your expectations.

The website launched in July 2015 and you can find articles, interviews from experts, tips, experts’ experiences, information and entertainment.

Our basic values are:

  • Sharing passion
  • Sharing professionalism
  • Sharing experiences
  • Building long-lasting relationships with partners and audiences

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a global and simultaneously central point of reference; providing training tips, information and entertainment in the field of Aerial Sports and Pole Dancing.